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Assignments Feature

The assignments feature on Raz-Plus and Raz-Kids saves you valuable time while strengthening the connection between what is being taught and what students are practicing. This feature allows you to easily assign your whole class, small groups, or individual students books and resources at developmentally appropriate levels and around specific content areas and topics.

The resources are in a digital format. Digital resources give students the opportunity to independently read content뾞nywhere they have an Internet connection—through the Kids A뻓 eLearning portal and mobile app.

With Raz-Plus and Raz-Kids, teachers can assign various resources to students from multiple places on the website:

  • Main Resource Pages
    Hover over the resource thumbnail to display the Assign feature.
  • Individual Resource Pages
    Preview the digital resources available for a book and assign those resources to students using the Assign feature on a book's landing page.
  • Search
    Access the Assign feature by hovering over a resource's thumbnail in a list of Search results.

Once you click on the Assign button, simply select the resources you want to assign and the students in your roster you want to receive the assignment. The assignment will appear in the students' My Assignments area in Kids A뻓.

Other ways to make assignments include choosing a level for each student in your roster to help them Level Up! and assigning one or more individual resources to a student or group of students using the Custom Assignment feature.

Hover over Manage Students and click on Assignments. From this page, you can assign entire levels, groups of resources, or individual resources, which include online reading assessments.